A case for why women are women’s worst enemy

We have some really jacked up views on women, their bodies and how they should feel about themselves.

You’re too thin.

You’re too fat.

Flaunt what you’ve got.

Cover it up or you’re a slut.

You wear lowcut shirts – you must have deep self esteem issues.

You wear long skirts and shirts to your elbows – you must have deep self esteem issues.

If you have talent you shouldn’t flaunt your body or sexuality.

If you flaunt your body and sexuality you must not have talent.

These are just a few samples of the endless litany of double standards I have heard in the last week alone.

And they were all said/tweeted/posted by women.

That is right.

Women we are our own biggest problem.

The root of this problem is that we want every other female out there to conform to our idea of what being a strong healthy woman is.

Instead of freeing us to be ourselves Feminism has only freed us to judge even more harshly women who don’t act/think/speak/dress the way each of us thinks they should.

There is no one way for women to be.

I am a reasonably intelligent woman with a curvy figure. I am also very handy with power tools, can handle basic plumbing and electrical work, can sing and dance on stage, and can bake and cook like a mofo.

How should I dress? How should my hair look? Do I need to look different for each task? Why should you have any say in what kind of person what I am wearing makes me? If you are not interviewing me for a job then you shouldn’t.

Now I will critique others fashion choices – I do it all the time – but I do not draw conclusions about them as a person from that. My thinking that the skirt you are wearing is too short does not mean I then equate you with someone of loose morals, You are just someone in a skirt I think is too short.

I can think you look ridiculous “twerking” without it having to translate into slut-shaming. I just think you look goofy doing a dance move I don’t get in an outfit you might want to talk to your fashion team about. In no way does that have anything to do with your sexual proclivities.

If you feel comfortable and happy showing your boobs/booty/tummy/legs then great for you – while I may not like your fashion choice I won’t judge you morally on it.

If you prefer to keep it covered up – fantastic – I won’t judge you morally on that either.

I may say that I think a different color would look better on you. I may even think that those shorts look awful on you – but I won’t draw any conclusions about your worth as a person from that. I’ll think you have bad fashion sense – but I won’t assume you suffer from a complete lack of morals.

I will leave you with some pictures.

I am the exact same person in these pictures – same IQ, same sense of humor, same political beliefs, same sexual history – but you and I both know that completely different moral assumptions are drawn about me in each one.

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