Babes on a Plane

So, we decided to haul the family up to Wyoming to visit my husband’s family. I could probably leave that sentence on its own and let your imagination run wild, but I’ll go on.

Let me say up front that the experience of traveling with an infant and a toddler was not nearly as hellish as I thought it would be. I am SO GLAD that I did not have to travel alone with the kids. To all those moms & dads who have had to travel solo with kids, especially more than one, wow…just wow. Could I have done it? Yes. I believe I could have. I also believe I would have been a frazzled ball of exposed nerve endings by the time we got where we were going. Well…more so than usual. Those who know me know I’m a little twitchy on a good day. Hats off to the single parent travelers out there.

Things went fairly well. The weather was great, both in the air and at our destination. The kids did great. My husband is amazing with the kids (& with everything else). We had some unexpected stressors (life bombs) dropped on us right as the trip began, things that have the potential to alter our life path in a fairly serious way, and I know the last thought on his mind was visiting with anyone…including me. He handled it all with grace and efficiency as he does every challenge placed before him. Words cannot express the love I feel for this man. I could go on, but I digress.

I’ll close with five things I learned or found worth remembering on this trip.

1. No matter how pleasant TSA agents are, that whole process just blows. We are an electronic family & the “one container for each device” rule made getting through the checkpoint even more ridiculous.

2. Despite what I had been told by several friends, you DO need to take your ring sling off when going through the TSA checkpoint. This makes for an unhappy infant and an even more awkward TSA experience.

3. Wyoming mosquitos will eat a small child alive no matter how much repellant you put on them. Being from Mississippi, I’m used to the devil called mosquito. I was not pleased to encounter them on vacation.

4. Nursing is great stress relief. Seriously. Relief for mom, relief for baby, just good stuff all around.

5. Umbrella strollers, especially the well made ones, are not for children. They are fabulous portable carry on transportation devices. Don’t let anyone tell you a different story.

What’s your fave travel tip?