An Ode to the Iron Donkey

By Carrie Pokrefke

Back in the late fall of 2001
I got a car that weighed over a ton.
She was known as the Iron Donkey
And was anything but wonky.
Regardless of the weather
We spent the next twelve years together.

All was well until last Monday
When a minivan got in our way.
I slammed on my brakes
And screamed, “Goodness sakes!”
The lady was moving way too fast
When she flew right on past
The bumper came off
And all I could do was scoff.
In the middle of the road sat my dear car
She was pretty beat up with a big scar.

Off to a collision center she went
On a tow truck with a big dent
This time the news was bad
And made me very, very sad
She had gone 265,192 miles
And did so with amazing style
But they totaled her out
Which, made me pout
There’s only one car that can bear that name.
And sadly, now, she’s just an insurance claim.