I need my Underoos!!


As a kid I loved, I mean LOVED, my Wonder Woman underoos.

I wore them to sleep in and I wore them under my school clothes.

When I put them on I was Wonder Woman. I could conquer the world.

Dealing with that snotty mean kid at school was so much easier when I had my Wonder Woman apparel on underneath what ever mundane school outfit I was wearing.

Big spelling test? No biggie – as long as i had my underoos.

My grandfather’s funeral in elementary school – I had my underoos on under my funeral attire.

I think this turned into the love I have for pretty matching underthings and the fact that I still draw strength from my undergarments.

This was brought home to me last weekend.

When you reach certain proportions it seems the pretty bra/matching panty folks seem to have decided all you need is boring beige or black with no frills. THIS SUCKS!

Sadly I have become resigned over the last 10 years or so to just not having sassy cool underthings – unless I wanted to pay double the price. (And you can’t tell me that there is $10-$25 in materials and work difference required between a 36D and a 36DD bra… I’m just not buying it. It is price gouging and the industry sucks for doing it… but I digress)

So it was with something approaching near ecstasy that I found a beautiful matching bra/panty set last weekend. I usually try on 15 or so and just resign my self to buying the best fitting least “granny” looking one. But that day. I found 2 bras and the matching set!! And one of them was a strapless number that fit and kept the girls where they are supposed to be even while jumping up and down (Yes, that is the test I use). The other just bra was an awesome royal purple with fuchsia accents.

But the matching set was the pièce de résistance. A fantastic balconette in beige and cream with with loads of lace detail and little black satin bows. The matching bottom has that cute little faux “skirt” aspect with the lace and bows.

I was beyond thrilled.

I had found my grown-up underoos. I put them on and instantly knew I could handle anything the world could throw at me. I had my secret armor.

I think Wonder Woman would approve.