My Star Wars Confession

By Carrie Pokrefke

I have a confession. I’ve never seen any Star Wars movies. None. I remember we had Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker barbie dolls when I was growing up. And I always wanted hair long enough to make two side buns…. that’s the extent of my Star Wars knowledge. I’ve never watched Star Trek. Fell asleep during Lord of the Rings. I did go watch the most recent Superman movie and I used to watch Smallville. I don’t really gravitate towards sci-fi or fantasy. I enjoy board games, but not really into gaming. Never opened a comic book.

So, despite all this, I really want to go to Dragon Con. I want to go see all the costumes and just go experience what it is all about. I’ve looked at the list of the performers and guests and I have no idea who any of them are. If the most famous person there came up to me while I was there, I wouldn’t have any clue. That’s another reason I want to go – this is something that is so out of my element, I think it would make it that much more fun.

It’s fun to try something completely new that you might not otherwise be exposed to. The routine can be boring and predictable. I believe life is meant to be lived in the “different” and “never before seen.” That’s what makes life interesting.

Stay tuned – I will report back on Dragon Con after I go!

Dragon Con

Dragon Con