Everyone is way more comfortable with their body than I am or What I learned at Schlitterbahn

We took a family vacation to Schlitterbahn last week.


Which is an awesome waterpark with a German theme. You should check it out.

But back to my topic for today.

I spent a considerable amount of time choosing swimwear for this vacation. Finding the perfect swimsuit that didn’t make me look like I was wearing a turn of the century bathing costume but still managed to cover up all of the bits that did not need to be hanging out. I found what I felt was the perfect ensemble – a halter top with plenty of support for the girls that had the fabric that hangs down past the belly button (so no tummy shows) and bottoms that actually had full ass coverage and a cute little ruffle thingy that gave some additional frontal coverage.

I had spent some time tanning so that I was feeling pretty comfortable with my overall look – still wished I could magically shed 20 pounds – but in general I felt ok.

We arrive at the park and it immediately became clear to me that apparently not another female in the entire park had any body issues. I may be exaggerating a little – but not much.  I say this because I saw more tattooed belly hanging out over skimpy string bikinis that would have looked too small on a super model- much less the not just over weight, but obese person I am seeing it on. I saw way more butt cheek and pubic hair than should ever be allowed in a public place. And it was on women from 18-60.

Yes – I know that sounds really harsh.

Maybe all of these women are just that much more comfortable with their bodies than I am. But then I was asking myself – is that a good thing?

I am all for promoting self love and healthy body image. But these were not healthy bodies.

There are swimsuits and bikinis even that look fantastic on larger women – but they do not have the word “string” in the title. Unless you are a stick thin model who does not actually have to swim in it “String bikinis” should not be in your wardrobe. From a strictly practical point of view anything that relies on a bow tied on each side should not be relied upon to keep your hoo-ha covered in a water park.

I found myself wondering why it is no longer acceptable to expect that people should want to look their best when they are in public? When did it become the norm to look as slovenly as possible at all times?

There were lots of cute swimsuits and very stylishly attired folks as well – but sadly the slovenly look was the larger contingent.

Is this judgmental – yes. But I think there is a point when we need to be. Should women be body shamed – no. But I don’t think going completely the opposite direction is actually helping either. It does not appear that women are taught how to dress to make themselves look their best anymore. And yes – different body shapes and sizes should dress differently.

Tall women and short women should each dress for their height. Small breasted and large breasted women should not be trying to fit into the same styles necessarily. No-hip and full hipped women should not be trying to wear the same style pants.

Is it really doing modern women a favor to tell them “wear anything you want no matter how you look in it” instead of teaching them that they can look fantastic in clothes and styles that actually flatter them?

And what about the love your body no matter what vs. encouraging healthy bodies? What is the line between the two concepts? I think we have crossed so far over the line to not wanting to offend or hurt anyone that we are actually doing a disservice to many.

I’m sure there are a lot of people with a lot of opinions on this matter – so share them – just remember to keep it civil.

On a side note – while there were many men with a wide variety of body types at the park as well, the majority of them chose to wear t-shirts. Just an interesting juxtaposition.