Black Olives

Kalamata Olives from Scenic Reflections

Kalamata Olives from Scenic Reflections

Growing up, I never considered myself a picky eater but I had my list of foods that I wouldn’t eat:
• Shrimp or other crustaceans;
• Avocados except as guacamole;
• Mushrooms;
• Anything pork that wasn’t ham, sausage, or bacon;
• Liver;
• Raw onions; and
• Olives of any sort.
Not a big list but it covered a lot. And then as got older there became exceptions to my food rules: see the avocado and pork entries. And then as I got even older still I discovered that preparation is the key to making former food non grata into food all greata. Thanks to my friends I learned shrimp with the right vodka cocktail sauce is tasty, stuffed mushrooms are great, and pork didn’t have to be something to avoid. But the aversion to olives remained.

Then I got older and tried kalamata olives in a restaurant one day. Not bad. Briny meatiness with a touch of bitterness. Interesting but not something I would voluntarily purchase. More time passed and today, I bought a container of kalamata olives. I wonder, what is about the olive flavor that I like now that I didn’t when I was younger? Maybe this change in food preferences reflects changes in my attitude towards certain flavors.

Along with my taste buds and some aspects of my attitude, I wonder what about me has changed where I found this taste acceptable and well, tasty. I also wonder what kind of person I’ll be in another five to ten years and what I’ll be willing to eat. Barazers, how have your tastes changed over the years?