Easy Closet Organization Tips

I’ve been working hard in my closet, trying to purge clothes and shoes. I also have been making the most of the small closet space I have and trying to use things I already own to create a more functional space.

I have a lot of hats and there isn’t a good way to display them in a small space so that I will actually wear them. I remembered I had a wine rack that I used to use for bath towels (another good use for a wine bottle holder) and decided to hang it on the wall. Once I did, I hung some of my summer hats and baseball caps.

I also had to find a good solution for my flip flops and other summer/waterproof shoes. I used to just stack them on top of each other, but that didn’t last long. I had a spare plastic bin and thought this was a good way to solve my problem.

What’s your best organization tip?