Weekend Magic

I spent this weekend with three of my favorite literary/movie-making men:  Neil Gaiman, Joss  Whedon, and William Shakespeare.

US cover of The Ocean at the End of the Lane

I received my copy of Neil Gaiman’s latest book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, on Friday evening and finished reading it on Saturday morning.  At present, my copy is on its way to my sister in Terre Haute so she can be charmed by its magic too. This book embodies so many things; it’s childhood and myth and fear and women archetypes and enchantment and bravery all rolled into one book. Gaiman’s simple prose and small page count create a Tardis of a story, where it’s much bigger on the inside.   Gaiman’s wife wrote about his writing of this book in her blog, giving her perspective on the book’s writing.  It’s worth a read in conjunction with the book.

Much Ado About Nothing

On Sunday I watched Joss Whedon’s production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing with a co-worker/friend and her daughter.  Whedon’s stylish production hits all the right notes for this play, overcoming weak acting from Jillian Morgese, the actress playing Hero.  Luckily, Hero rarely speaks so it’s a minor problem.  At the end of the movie, my co-worker’s daughter pronounced it as “perfect” and I would have to agree.  At one point in time, I thought Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation good with the exceptions of Keanu Reeves’ and Michael Keaton’s performances.   Whedon’s work exposes Branagh’s film as the over-blown hobby horse that it was.

I hope everyone in Baraza-land enjoyed some magic this weekend.