Black’s Barbecue

Texas takes very seriously its barbecue, especially the Austin area.  Texas Monthly recently released its top 50 barbecue places in Texas and lo and behold, five of the top fifty, including the number one barbecue joint, reside in Austin.   Eighteen of the top fifty joints are either in Austin or within an hour drive of Austin, including Black’s Barbecue of Lockhart.  For a barbecue lover like me, it’s heaven.

A few weeks ago, a couple of friends visited me so I took them to Black’s Barbecue.  While we were there, Pitmaster Kent Black generously offered to give us a tour of their pits and we gladly accepted.  He showed us the warming pits his father built when he returned from World War II and the smoking pits where row after row of brisket sat, slowly being smoked to perfection.  The darkened red brick pits line the walls in the back of the restaurant while the meat cutters up front use the same block cutting table that was used when the restaurant first opened.

As one can see, we were giddy, grinning idiots who felt like we were Guy Fieri, getting to see the behind the scenes work that goes into great food.

Black's Barbecue Pits

And here is the very handsome and kind Kent Black, third generation barbecue pitmaster.  His grandparents established this restaurant in 1932 and have been making some dang good barbecue every since.

Kent Black, Pitmaster

The brisket is moist and tender with plenty of smoke; the ribs delectable (so I’m told); the peach cobbler superb.  Make an effort to get to Lockhart and try their barbecue.