Definitely not the next Ansel Adams

footscraysunsetSo, it turns out I’ve become a bit obsessed with photography.  Quite a bit obsessed, actually.  It’s crept up on me slowly over the past couple of years, but I find these days that unless I’m shooting content regularly, something is a bit off-centre in my world.

Isn’t that odd?  Going from no photography except “happy snaps” to feeling an actual need to be capturing my world through a lens?  It is certainly unexpected, from my perspective, but at the same time I understand exactly why it has become so important to me.

In my day job, I spend my time reading legal documents, discussing risk management issues, and advising businesses on dispute resolution matters.  It is engaging and hard work – and also requires creativity in being able to frame solutions within a commercial and legal context.  However, I found that I was craving something more in terms of a creative outlet – and photography and blogging seem the perfect fit.

I’m not a fancy photographer by any stretch of the imagination (by which I mean that I’m definitely no Ansel Adams), and a lot of the more technical stuff passes me by, but I love the satisfaction I get from taking ordinary situations and capturing them in a slightly different way.  It’s a way for me to express how I see the world and how that differentiates me from everyone’s perspective.  It’s taught me to consider how I frame my world view and interaction with my environment, and also to look for the beauty in the extraordinary and the ordinary.  I shoot as and when the mood strikes me, and a lot of the time I simply shoot with my iPod touch – it’s accessible and easier than lugging around a camera all the time.  I’m planning on investing in a DSLR for the first time later this year and the prospect fills me with happy shivers.

What is your creative outlet, friends?