Ginger Pop: Songs for Finals, The Teacher Edition

Yesterday our own Katie Shaw gave her playlist for studying during finals week. Now, it’s my turn. Granted, I’m not studying; I’m on the other end of things. So here are a few little ditties for the teachers out there.

1. Play this when students demand you give them grades, send you emails wanting to know why their off-topic essay failed, or in some other way insult you, all while you’re trying to grade 100 final exams, half of which make you wonder if you did in actuality hold any classes this semester or if you just dreamed that part of your life (skip to :54 to start with the song).

2. Play this when you discover cheating.

3. Play this when when you come to those papers and tests from students who have been paying attention and leave you sockless.

4. Play this when you submit your last grade and the taste of freedom washes over you. It’s okay to dance in your office. Billy Idol gets it.