Z – The end of my Cesare Crush *le sigh*

Z – the last letter of the alphabet. 

I have been somewhat stressing over the course of the last week as to what to write. I didn’t want to choose an obvious word or seem like I was trying to hard and picking some totally obscure word (because I did that with X already).

Then my husband and I watched the latest episode of “The Borgias” last night and I had my divine spark.

Zip, zero, zilch – all words that describe the understanding I have of the Cesare/Lucrezia attraction. They also describe how much of a crush I have on post Season 3 Episode 3 Cesare.

When “The Borgias” started two seasons ago I wasn’t particularly knowledgeable or interested in the Borgia family. I had the common idea of them most had – a woman who poisoned people, a pope in the family and a generally not nice reputation.

I did not go into that first episode expecting to have a full blown crush on a fictional representation of Cesare Borgia.

But that is what I ended up with.

Francois Arnaud’s characterization of this historical figure completely captured my heart. He presents Cesare as a beautifully complex man who is pulled in so many different ways but who at his heart only wants to take care of those he loves.

His choices are driven not by greed and personal gain (like his brother) but are instead a product of his need to protect his family. This protection comes in many forms. He quite literally physically protects them with the aid of Micheletto. He also protects them by securing his father’s Papal throne and thwarting those who would seek to defrock him.

This protection ultimately leads to him shedding his red robes and killing his own brother. I realize that last bit may seem a bit counter-intuitive in regards to the “protect his family” thing, but it actually makes perfect sense. Juan was a threat to the rest of the family because of his recklessness and selfishness.

And did I mention he is smoking hot too? Dark and sexy with intelligence and some serious kick ass thrown in as well. What is not to love about this guy? 

He is going to have sex with his sister.

Yeah – that is the huge elephant in the room for the first 2 seasons.

That piece of knowledge I didn’t want to think about.

Here was this guy I was really digging and I chose to “forget” about what I knew was eventually going to happen. How could seriously crush on this guy if I was thinking about him and his sister?

Ick! Gross!

I allowed my self to create a fantastical delusion in which this somehow was not going to occur. In this fantasy Showtime was going to take the approach that the incest stories were nothing more than malicious rumors spread by those who wished to discredit the Borgia Pope. Which would mean that Cesare never actually slept with his sister. Therefore I could lust away without any icky brother/sister incest thoughts intruding.

Last night my fantasy world was crushed, shattered and destroyed.

Showtime has been cruelly promoting this third season with taglines about what everyone has been waiting for. We I sure as heck haven’t been waiting for it, I have been happily living in denial and don’t really appreciate the intrusion.

So – as my husband and I sat watching the newest episode “Siblings” I had a sense of foreboding. I watched the first 40 minutes trying to drink in Cesare and save away an uncorrupted version of him.

Then came the last minutes of the show.

I was sad and disenchanted. Kind of like a child who has just learned there is no Santa.

I sat in stunned silence as my make-believe world faded and disappeared before my eyes.


How could he do that with his sister? I just don’t get it.

Zip, zero, zilch – all words that describe how much of a crush I have on post Season 3 Episode 3 Cesare.


Now I’m left with character crushes on two of the Lannister men for the rest of this viewing season. Thankfully Tyrion has no interest in his sister and Jamie has already been there done that and my crush developed after.