Rolling your Rs – things Charlotte can’t do for $200, Alex

Rolling your Rs – that would be on the list of things I can’t do despite ridiculously large amounts of time and effort being devoted to the attempt.

Whistling would also be on the list … but that’s another letter.

From the time I was probably 7 or 8 I have tried in vain to purr my Rs like Catwoman (Eartha Kitt – and if you had to ask we need to have a whole nother discussion) or any of a dozen other famous female characters.

I have repeated R words until the mirror in front of which I was practicing was completely covered in spittle. I have tried holding my tongue every way possible and a few that seemed impossible.

I have tried pursing the lips completely. Only half way, a quarter of the way, 6/16 of the way – all to no avail.

At least 2 dozen people have all attempted to “teach me”. Which usually consists of them saying “just watch me” before they make the alveolar trill followed by “see” after they are done. As if magically watching them do it will some how impart the skill to me through osmosis despite the fact that it hasn’t worked the 324,268 times before.

But, there may be hope for me yet – there are a plethora of you tube videos purporting to be able to teach anyone how to do this.

I shall report back on my success or failure.

May the Force be with me.


go to about 2:14