In which I lose my mind over haiku


A colleague at work
suggested we use only
haiku in emails.

I wasn’t sure at
all, wasn’t familiar
with haiku’s basics.

She went first, made it
seem pretty easy so I
had a go at it.

Instant love! I am
the haiku queen in my mind,
hail to Her Highness!

Luckily it was
Friday arvo so we could
get away with it.

We haiku’d back and
forth for an hour or so but
Kath’rine went home then.

I stayed back at work
finalising submissions –
no haiku fun there.

Now I sit in my
living room typing this post,
hot mid-summer day.

My brain is now tuned
to haiku rhythms, I can’t
get enough of it.

Which is not to say
that I am very good at it,
but it’s really fun.

Good to write haiku
when it’s so hot, thirty-six
degrees Celsius.

In Fahrenheit, that’s
almost ninety-seven degrees,
need a pool here – stat!

In absence of pool,
mineral water with lemon
and ice blocks will do.

Are you bored yet? I
could go all night, dear reader,
but I won’t – lucky you.

Having said that, I
advise you to “have a go”
at haiku, much fun.

Until next time, dear
Barazans, I hope you are
healthy and well, yo.