Only you can help save your IT person’s sanity

I work in a medical office. Somehow along the way I also become the IT person. Since I am sure there are at least a couple of people who work in an office setting who read this, I am going to offer a few tips for not making your IT person want to hurl epithets and large blunt objects at you.

“My computer did this weird thing last week… Can you fix it?”

Of Course I can. Because I’m magic. Right after I’m done I’ll go summon a griffin and implement world peace.

Perhaps you could tell me what it did that you are considering “weird” and maybe actually tell me when it happens. I find that helpful.

“This thing popped up on my computer asking about downloading or updating something- I just clicked OK. Is that a problem?”

Your computer is going to explode which will cause a freak chain reaction bringing about the downfall of the world as we know it. Other than that how the flying flip am I supposed to know? Call me before you click on it. The world will thank you.

As a general rule it is always a good idea to look at the little wireless indicator light on your laptop before calling me to complain about the internet not working. I say this to save you the embarrassment of having me walk all the way over to your office and press the button to turn it back on.

Yes, dropping your laptop will hurt it. Yes, the cracked screen will be a dead giveaway to me that you dropped it. So, yes, I will call you on it when you tell me you have no idea why it isn’t working right.

If you have done any of things listed above you should go buy your IT person a milkshake or at least a chocolate chip cookie.

Feel free to confess your deepest darkest IT sins in the comments below.