The relaxing sound of a cordless drill

Sometimes you just need to distract yourself. For whatever reason you need to take your mind off of something or escape from reality for a bit. It could be a long day at work, stressful family life, financial worries, health issues or any other of a myriad of things.

Whether I am sad, worried, angry or stressed this is most likely what you will find me doing.


I bake like a crazy woman when I need to take my mind off of something. Baking is calming and centering. I think it is a combination of the repetitive motions, comforting smells and actually having control over something. The control factor might sound odd, but when everything else seems out of your control that is a huge thing.405946_10150650763976211_333751891_n

 Cleaning and Reorganizing

Just ask my mom about this little quirk of mine. Many is the kitchen cabinet that was completely emptied and then filled back up in alphabetical/color or whatever order I felt best suited the items while waiting for a phone call about casting. This was back when the local community theatre called everyone that night after auditions were finished. Midnight vacuuming and polishing have been known to happen as well. Why do I do this? Again I think it is the combination of physical labor, mental distraction and sense of accomplishment. Something I can immediately effect.



It used to be actually pulling out a deck of cards and playing the game. And I still go to the physical deck of cards when I am super-duper stressed. Most of the time the basic version on my computer or phone works just as well though. Without fail it will eventually pull me into the game and out of whatever funk or conundrum I have found myself in.


Home Repair

Using power tools is very soothing and empowering. I kid you not. Many a small home repair or improvement has suddenly been made because I was stressed or angry and needed a way to deal with it. Again it is a physical labor and satisfaction of control thing. Maybe I can’t magically make someone better, but gosh darn it I can replace that nasty garbage disposal. This type of stuff is especially satisfying because there is usually a destruction aspect followed by a construction aspect. Great for relieving pent up feelings and then focusing the mind.