The List – Don’t pretend you don’t what list I’m talking about


Come on you know which list I’m talking about.

The List.

The one you and your significant other both have. Sometimes called the “freebie list” or the “in your dreams list.”

It is that list of celebrities/famous people that in theory you would be allowed to suspend your relationship for. According to internet lore it harkens back to an episode of Friends. My gut feeling is it was around before then – but who am I to question random internet posts that show up in a casual Google search at 2:14 am?

For my husband and I, it has been a long running dialogue and source of much hilarity.  Each of our lists has 10 slots at any given time. Sometimes there are caveats for people on the list. These might be “pre 1978” or “but only in (insert movie/song/whatever here)” or “but only as a brunette.” Both of our lists are constantly evolving, but in all fairness I have to say that mine is decidedly more fluid.

I actually have several lists. There is a current 10, All time Top 10, Role Specific 10 and a 10 I probably should never admit were ever on any of the other lists. And of course there is a fictional character list for books I’ve read. Those are just a sample of the lists.

I am always amazed at how prevalent “the list” is. Sitting at dinner with my new boss, his wife and several coworkers my first week in Kentucky the question was posed. The boss’s wife asks over dessert “So, who is on everyone’s list?” and we all knew what she meant. Same general experience on St. Patrick’s Day in London several years ago. Had drinks with some flight attendants that were staying at my hotel and we eventually ended up on the subject.

To give you a hint of the vast array of former and current occupants of my lists here are some names.

(I’m not telling if any of them are on the current list or not)

Harrison Ford

Cary Grant

Steve Buscemi (only in Boardwalk Empire)

Alexander Skarsgard (only as Eric Northman)

Stephen Tyler (before 1996)

Mikhail Gorbachev (I’m just going to plead the 5th on that one)

Selma Hayek

Lyle Lovett

Peter Dinklage (as Tyrion Lannister)

Grayson Pierce (Sigma Force Novels by James Rollins)

Kevin Smith

Mel Brooks (another 5th)

James Earl Jones (as Darth Vader – just go with it)

Ben Affleck

Patrick Stewart (as Jean-Luc Picard)

Alan Rickman (2 appearances – as himself and as Severus Snape)

So – yeah. My lists are pretty eclectic and very open minded. I’m pretty cool like that.  And I’ve pretty much gotten used to the raised eyebrows and snickers. My lists have been the cause of much laughter and merriment.  And I am okay with that. I own my weirdness in all its geeky quirky glory.

I do, however, try not to ponder to deeply what the lists say about my mental stability. Some things are just better left unexplored.