Up Close and Personal with the Baraza: An Interview with Mitzi Sicking

MitziInterviewPicMississippi mama Geneva turned her scope on Austin smart-girl Mitzi Sicking to see just what this Texas girl is up to these days.

I noticed on your personal blog, Mitzi Bitsy Spider, that you recently altered your career path.  Would you tell me a little about what you’re doing now?

I recently transitioned from teaching to proposal writing.  In this case, it’s bid proposal writing for a law firm that specializes in debt collection for government entities. 

Your bio mentions that you cater “to the whims of two small, white dogs”.  Would you elaborate on that statement a bit, please? 

I discovered with a previous pet how easy it is to become the crazy pet owner with a list of instructions for their pet, along with their special bed and blanket.  Even though I tried to be a more no nonsense pet owner with Mickey and Sammy (the aforementioned small white dogs), I still find that they have two different kinds of treats that they get depending on what they have done.  They get the soft, meaty treats after they have been out in the backyard and they get the hard, crunchy treats when they finish their walk.  This is to ensure both dogs gets the treats they like.  Sammy prefers the soft, meaty ones and Mickey likes the hard, crunchy treats.  They fact that it matters one whit reveals things haven’t changed much.  Just so you know, as I write this lying in bed, Mickey is under the covers (where he prefers to be when he’s cold) and as close to me as he possibly can be.  Sammy is lying next me but as close to a pillow as he possibly can be.  Whim catering abounding.

What about Shakespeare intrigues you the most?

Hmm, that’s a tough one.  I like the complexity and the layers of meaning he has within each play.  I also like how his themes revolve around the human condition and are still relevant today.  They poetry of his plays still blows me away.  I remember re-watching Baz Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet and being struck anew with the beautiful power of his words in spite of the cinematic hijinks and crappy principal actors.

Have you ever been in a play?

I have!  Mainly in junior high and high school and a couple of times with church.  No Shakespeare unfortunately, but that’s probably for the best since I don’t think I could do him justice.

How has Austin been treating you?  I’ve always wanted to visit that part of Texas.  Is there something I should absolutely not miss if I ever do make it over there?
Overall, Austin has been treating me rather well.  If you hit 6th Street, 1st Street, Congress and Lamar, you can pretty much get to the heart of Austin’s shops, food, and general weirdness.  If you’re close to the Congress Street bridge at sunset you can watch the colony of bats that live there fly off on their nightly foraging.  It’s pretty cool.  Groups of food trucks gather on Congress and 1st Street and offer seriously tasty treats.  Some of the trucks have transitioned to permanent, sit down restaurants, like Gourdough’s, which offers very large gourmet doughnuts.  I recommend sharing.  Funky shops abound along these streets so wear comfortable shoes and walk around.