Happy New Year or Take 35

Here it is – a new year. I can’t claim to have given it a rousing ringing in, but I am glad to see it none the less.

As far as years go 2012 wasn’t so bad. Not the best but certainly not the worst. 2013 is already shaping up to be a very different and interesting experience.

My oldest stepson has moved from California to reside with us full time. He is 15. So I am now a fulltime stepmom to a teenage boy.

This is at once a very exciting and terribly frightening experience. I have unfortunately had plenty of time to reminisce on mine own and my brother’s teenage exploits. If you know my brother then you know that his made mine look like a G-rated Disney flick from the early Walt Disney years.

This would be the knowledge that informs the frightening  aspect of being stepmom to a teenager (thank you dear brother for that 😉

It is mainly excitement though.

I was very lucky and blessed to have gained two amazing stepsons through my marriage to Graham. I met them for the first time when they were only 5 and 7. I have enjoyed watching them grow into the young men they are becoming. And while I am not nearly as nervous as I once was about the prospect of being a stepmom, I do still worry about messing it all up.

The vast majority of stories involving stepmothers are to say the least not very glowing. Stepmoms are always mean, evil, uncaring figures. From fairytales to modern films it is the most constant portrayal. As a young woman about to take on that mantle it was quite daunting. Luckily I had the example of my own mom to look to. She was as excellent a stepmother as I think anyone could be.

So now several years later I think I have done ok and I am a tad nervous – but I think ready to try this full time parenting thing.

I have also managed to squelch the urge to install any electronic locks or monitors or subdermal tracking chips – my parents managed without them so I guess I can too.

I also get to start out this new year with some new projects. Writing for The Baraza being one of them. The other big one being book reviews. Thanks to Nicole Schwab I now get to read new and sometime not yet published books for free. If you are at all familiar with the voraciousness of my reading you will understand what an awesome prospect this is for me – and a money saving one as well!

Now if I could just find someway to get shoes for free I’d be totally set. Hmm I’ll have to work on that one.

Happy New Year!