The Blues

By Katie Shaw

Although it’s only November and summer is months away, the stress that accompanies the end of the semester has given me the summer blues. It’s not the warmer weather I’m looking forward to. Oh no, the cooler temperatures are more than welcome to stay. But I’m ready for freedom! Freedom to read materials that I choose rather than what is assigned.

Since summer is far off, I’ll settle for Christmas break that’s just a few short weeks away. My winter reading list excites me greatly. The first three on my list are:

1. A Lover’s Discourse-Roland Barthes
2. Wuthering Heights-Emily Brontë
3. The Blind Assassin-Margaret Atwood (you should ask Barazan Amber about this one. She raves about it)

What are you currently reading, dear friends? What’s next on your list? Please share! Perhaps we can read one together.