Up Close and Personal With the Baraza: An Interview with Erin King

Resident travel lover Carrie asks some questions of our dancing, cooking Mommy, Erin King.

How did you first get involved in the dancing world?  What age did you know you could live in the dance studio the rest of your life?
I started out like most little girls. My mom enrolled me in ballet, probably because I asked, when I was five. It was just an extra-curricular activity to me until 7th grade, when I started lessons with a great teacher. I became part of the pre-professional ballet company at this studio, attending classes five days a week and performing regularly through middle and high school. It took a change of focus in college (to art), to make me realize how much I needed to dance. I transferred universities and embraced my destiny, if you will, to dance.

What about dancing draws you in?
I love dancing as a means of communication. As a woman of few words (sometimes!), it is so freeing to just be able to dance to express myself. I am also grateful for the self-discipline it instills, as well as bonding in a group dynamic while working on a piece.
Do you have any inspirations for your wardrobe?  If so, who or what or where?
I love vintage and classic looks. I think Audrey Hepburn was on point with her simple, feminine style. I usually buy all of my clothes at a thrift store, or clearance items (equivalent to thrift store prices) at regular stores. And I’m oh-so-cheap. I won’t spend more than $5 on an item of clothing, so my whole outfit usually costs under $20. As a mom of a toddler, I’m up and down and rolling around all day, so comfort is also a big factor for me.
What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned while being a wife?  a mother?
Whoa, that’s a hard one. I think the most important and never-ending lesson I’ve learned, and am learning as a wife, is one of selflessness. When I am daily thinking about how I can bless my husband, and put my own needs/wants aside, not only does our relationship grow but I am also blessed in return. Funny how that works!

As a mother I’ve learned to chill out. There are plenty of things to freak out about as a first-time-mom, but I often have to remind myself that I am doing a good job. I can go about my day with peace and not worry about deadlines because my main job is just taking care of my son. I’ve been so fortunate to be able to stay home with him, so when I get all worked up I say to myself, “Hey! Go take a nap with him, Erin! Chill the freak out!”

How do you come up with your next blog post topic?

I wish I could say I journal about it and brainstorm a list of topics each week…but I don’t. I think about what I’ve been doing lately and what’s going on in my world, and try to pick something that could possibly be relevant to our readers. Sometimes I joke that I’m “the most boring person in the world,” so I wonder, “Who really wants to hear about how I cut out sugar for a week?…I drink coffee, other people drink coffee too, right??”, and then I write about it and cross my fingers that someone can relate! And that’s the method to my madness.

What’s your favorite thing to cook?  (can be anything)
Keyword here is cook. I prefer cooking over baking any day, even though I love to consume baked goods. Baking involves science and accuracy, but you can improvise your way through cooking and it still turns out awesome! I love to roast chickens, cook dishes with bacon (it makes everything better), roast vegetables, and use my crock pot. I eat gluten-free and dairy-free so I cook at home a lot.