Thank You.

Please take the time to thank a veteran today as you enjoy your reprieve from work.  There are many, many veterans around you every day that you may not even be aware of.  Men and women of all ages and races who have seen and endured things most people frankly don’t even have the mental capacity to imagine are struggling to find their place in this society that no longer makes sense to them.  They are listening to people complain about the mundane details of their lives while screaming inside, “You have no concept of how hard life can be!!!”.  They are trying desperately to put forth the socially acceptable face of concern and compassion towards people who cannot fathom why the military exists, what it stands for, what it means for our Country.

Though there have been countless soldiers who have fallen, there are more than a few who are alive.  Some are well…some are not, but they all have earned and deserve your gratitude.

Take a minute to ponder what you personally have to thank a veteran for then find one and thank him or her personally for their sacrifices.  Rest assured each and every one of them has sacrificed something on your behalf.

Oh, and by the way…don’t worry if you forgot on Veteran’s Day.  You can thank a veteran any day of the year.
Thank several while you’re at it.