Life goals I didn’t even know I could have as a kid

When we are kids we have all kinds of plans and dreams for our lives. I vacillated between wanting to be an astronaut, a ballerina, a marine biologist, an archeologist, president, a superhero and some kind of royalty all throughout my childhood. I think I wanted to be a fairy at one point too… the fairytale kind with sparkly wings… just in case there was any confusion.

I also had goals I wanted to achieve. Usually these were crazy outlandish, but seemed perfectly reasonable to my 8 year old mind. I wanted to discover dragons and ride them – because it was so obvious that the reason we weren’t all riding dragons is that someone just hadn’t discovered them yet. I was going to win an Olympic medal in every sport. Inventing an ice cream that provided you with all your daily nutrition needs but still tasted yummy was on the list for a while.

As I got older those goals turned to more practical things. Convincing Jon Bon Jovi I was the perfect woman for him (13 or 14 years old), becoming a renowned Broadway actress and marrying European royalty (ok, so they weren’t all practical). By the end of highschool getting a new car and figuring out how to gain financial independence were at the top of the list, but somewhere in the hazy recesses of my mind I still secretly hoped for the sudden onset of magical powers.

Fast forward to now. I am 34 years old. And I am OK with saying that I still hope for the sudden onset of magical powers. Aside from that, my life goals are in general much simpler. Roof over my head, good health, world domination …yadda yadda yadda. Those traditional and more universal goals are not what I’m writing about today. What I find fascinating though are the things I want to achieve that were not even conceived of or in existence when I was a child.

I want to create a viral meme. 8 year old me could have had no idea that such a thing would ever be possible. A picture/photo with superimposed words that people pass along via this thing called the “internet” most likely on a site called “Facebook” or “Twitter”… my young brain would have thought magic was at work. But here I am at 34 thinking that would be an awesome accomplishment.

Another new goal – to have all of my top 10 still living favorite authors follow me on twitter. I have 2 of the 10, thank you James Rollins and Roderick Gordon. Now I just have to get Rick Riordan, Sophie Kinsella, Jeffrey M Poole, Brandon Mull, George R R Martin, J K Rowling and Todd McCaffrey (because his mother is no longer with us and the Pern books are a part of my soul).

I don’t think any version of me pre-fifteen years ago could have grasped the idea of having goals related to interacting with people you have never seen or met and probably never will meet in “real” life. Mind boggling wizardry that is.

I also want to be on a competitive cooking show. Top Chef- Amateur maybe? Or Chopped? I’m open – really – whatever they want to offer I’ll take. Except for Cupcake Wars – I mean you have to draw the line somewhere.

I sincerely look forward to seeing what new goals and aspirations our ever evolving world inspires me to dream. I am excited to know that making it to space might actually be a reality sooner than I thought!!!