From the Baraza: Costume Parade

What’s your favorite costume you’ve ever worn?
My favorite costume was every one I wore in “Chicago!”.  It was so out of my persona to be singing & dancing on stage in, well…not much.  I loved feeling so wild & sexy.  It helped that we were up there with actual professional dancers.  Here’s a pic from “Razzle Dazzle” (I’m 3rd in from the left in the polka dot skirt).  It was an amazing performance.  Hopefully we’ll get the chance to reprise it one day.


Picking 1 favorite is way too hard – there are way too many. This is one of the top 10 though. It is from the musical Gypsy. I played a stripper whose “talent” was playing a trumpet. This picture was taken before they added the crowning touch to the costume – actuals knockers on the breast plates! The costume top weighed about 8 pounds and at one point during the show I was turned with my back to the audience and had to bend over and play the trumpet through my legs. The biggest surprise was when I actually got a couple of notes correct and in the right order!

When I was 14 I was in the chorus of our school’s production of Oliver – I remember dressing up as one of the orphan boys following the evil Fagan around and loving having charcoal smeared across my face.  The only problem was that I couldn’t wear my glasses with the costume and so ran the risk of falling off the stage every night during one particular number!  Sadly no pictures of me nearly nearly tumbling into the orchestra pit survive … 😉


I love to dress up, so to pick a FAVORITE costume is just way too hard!!  I remember the fun costumes I got to wear as a kid and I haven’t gotten to dress up near enough as an adult!  Last year, in my adult gymnastics glass, we had a Halloween costume party in October.  I dug out my Sumo ballerina and took it to class.  To see me in my Sumo ballerina costume doing a flip, check out the YouTube video:


Once upon a time, I was a theatre kid (which is how I know Charlotte, by the way). I think she can agree that we have worn a passel of super cool costumes (and some sketchy Sun Belt business that I think everyone would prefer to forget). I’ve been a godmother with pumpkin sized sleeves, a Greek courtesan with a Reba MacIntyre wig (which looked like my real hair), a 1950s teenager with a pesky petticoat that attempted to take out some of my castmates, women of varying social status in a number of period pieces, a hillbilly (both male and female), a Romanian student/doctor/hag, more than one Shakespearean hussy, and much more. Of those, my favorite was probably my costume for the White Witch in Narnia. Unlike most of my previously worn costumes, it was made for me. The vintage white ostrich heels I worked with it were so fabulous they followed me home.

Being a theatre kid and living in various big cities, I’ve also had some pretty slick costumes.. Aside from the normal stuff–Dorothy, Minnie Mouse, princess, cat, Smurfette–my mom made a Sprite can one year, complete with straw and sparkly tights. In college I was a rave witch, chorus girl from Cabaret, and other homemade stuff that I sported at the West Village Halloween parade. Probably my favorite costume of all was my Junior year in high school. Along with my two best friends at the time, I was a stoplight. We took three boxes, painted them yellow, added ovals for our faces, and those little visor things. Then we each painted our face a different color–I was green– and wore black sweats. The boxes stacked on top of each other when we tilted our heads making a person sized stoplight. Sound lame? Well it wasn’t. It was fantastic and other people were just jealous they didn’t think of it first.


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