Traveling with a Toddler


This week our little family embarked on a trip to New Hampshire to visit my in-laws. We traveled via plane when our son was four months old, so traveling with him at the ripe old age of nineteen months was a new adventure…one I was very nervous about. So, I did the logical thing and searched Pinterest for “toddler plane activities.” Here are some things I learned and were a success!

1. Coloring lasted longer than I thought. This dry-erase activity mat is great. My mom bought it for Amos the night before our trip so it was a new surprise on the plane, which leads me to #2…

2. Surprises! Buy a few small things for your toddler to unwrap on the plane. They could even be little trinkets from the dollar spot.

3. Snacks. Bring some snacks the little one is familiar with, but also some new fun snacks to try. Also, when they offer complimentary beverages, ask for one with a lid. Amos loved to feel “big” and have his own cup.

4. Thank those around you for their graciousness, beforehand. Let your toddler greet everyone and anyone he chooses; it’s better than screaming! It’s okay if he wants to say “Hi!!” for three hours.

5. Our flight fell during nap time, which I had mixed feelings about. But after playing for a while, my toddler (who usually has to be rocked to sleep), fell asleep without a fight and slept for a good hour. Maybe flights during nap time are a good idea?

6. Relax. My husband and I were much more laid back than the last time we flew with a child, and the whole process was much more enjoyable!

Parents, what traveling tips would you add to this list? Please share!