American Horror Story Returns

By Katie Shaw and Amber Kelly Anderson

With the return of American Horror Story and Amber getting texting back, there has been much to talk about between the two of us this week. The excitement of the new season of American Horror Story: Asylum starting on Wednesday sparked conversation about our favorite events from last season.

Amber: What do you dig about AHS?

Katie: I love the suspense and the new twists they throw each week.

Amber: Agreed. The fact that no character is safe–they’ll kill off their main characters when you least expect it–that takes it to a new level. Remember when we kept wondering if Violet was dead? I never thought they’d go through with it. I love that I was wrong.

Katie: I didn’t think they would really kill her either. They’re so ruthless. For the most part, the season was unpredictable.

Amber: Exactly. Even when I thought I knew what would happen, even if it did, it was never the way I expected. But they can get away with it since it’s all contained in one season. They can be, as you said, ruthless.

The narrative structure is fantastic with all the stories that spanned the whole season, like Larry and Rubberman, and then the self-contained plots, like the home invasion episode. That was the episode that really sold me.

Katie: The home invasion episode was definitely one of the freakiest episodes of the entire season.

Amber: I think because there was something so possible about it–no supernatural or Frankenbaby, just crazy people with sick fascination and no respect for human life.

Katie: So true. Although Frankenbaby has a level of horror all his/her/its own. Biting its mother’s tit off? Gross, but makes you have to keep watching.

Amber: It was in the first scene of the show, with the twins, and even though we saw glimpses, I was still freaked out when we found out what exactly it was. Lily Rabe rocked that scene.

Needless to say, we’re both stoked for the season premiere on Wednesday on FX. Will you be watching on Wednesday, dear friends?