Lessons in Life From My 2 Year Old

I thought it might be fun to catalog a couple of things I’ve learned from my son over the 2 years he’s been with me.  I’m sure you can relate to many of these and that you have a few lessons learned from your own children which I would love to read about in the comments.  Please do share.

Lesson 1: Naked is not all bad. 
J is not one to just strip down and go streaking, but he does treasure his naked time before & after his bath.  Personally, I’m more of a clothes on kind of person, but his exuberance at being naked cracks me up.

Lesson 2: The right way to do something is largely subjective. 
Sometimes it’s ok to let him make up the rules.  For example, we play Clue.  Maybe not the way the rules dictate, but he sure can name all the colors, rooms, and weapons.  He can also call out the numbers on the die and count the squares.  Modification – it works.

I’ll save the others for future posts.  What lessons from your kids come to mind?