Adventure, Who Me?

I am not a person who enjoys change.  Often times it involves a lot of work, anxiety, and annoyance.  In fact, at one of my jobs, when IT came around to update my computer, I considered standing in front of it with a baseball bat to stop them because it never failed when they updated my computer, everything fell apart and was lost forever.  It was always a change-fail.

I will drive a car until the wheels fall off and then put the wheels back on because I am used to that car and I don’t want to have to deal with car salesmen and that sixth level of hell.

I don’t like change.

All this being said, I recently moved to Austin from my tiny, rural hometown.  It’s been a big change.  A very big change but it’s been a good one.  Because I’m in completely new surroundings and situations, I find myself being challenged to be adventurous, to talk to new people and go places I haven’t been before.

And you know what?  The computer hasn’t crashed.  The wheels haven’t fallen off.

I have learned that adventure and change can be, not only survived, but enjoyed.  Who knew?

Barazers, what adventures and changes have you made lately?