Five Months

By Katie Shaw

Friday will mark my five month commitment to dreadlocks. I use the term commitment in the loosest sense. In the beginning, my dreads were just a hairstyle. But now? They’re more than that. They’ve taught me patience and to persevere when it gets tough. Sound like a bunch of hippie talk? Perhaps it is, but each day is an opportunity to learn something about myself.

I’ve reduced and nearly eliminated the amount of time I dedicate to a beauty routine. I haven’t just let myself go, but I realize how frivolously I spend my time worrying about trivial things. Some days I use that time for productivity and other days, I treat myself to twenty more minutes of rejuvenating sleep.

Here’s a picture of my progress after five months.


My dreads have shrunk about five inches in the past five months, except for one which is longer than all the others, and I named her Lucy. They’re crazy all the time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dear friends, how would spend your extra time if you minimized a beauty routine?