My husband’s friend, Mike, writes songs and this weekend I had the honor of singing a few of those songs for him at the Mississippi Songwriters Festival.  It was an amazing experience.  There were so many talented people there, pouring their hearts and souls out, many for the first time, on stages all around us.  There were plenty of seasoned professionals to be sure – people who have sold several songs to professional singers which you’ve likely heard on the radio and may even have on your personal playlists – but there were so many there just laying it all bare for the world to see (and judge).  It was truly something to behold.

It occurred to me that most people probably don’t realize that many of those songs you hear sung so expertly may not have originated through that artist.  Sure, he or she most likely did tweak it and “make it their own” (to borrow a phrase), but they may or may not have put those particular words together to tell that particular story.  Check your favorites and see how many were written by someone other than the artist. Then look up the songwriter’s repertoire.  You might be surprised at how many of their songs you’ve heard without even knowing they existed.

I thought you would enjoy hearing one of Mike’s songs.  It’s called “Unpaved Road” and was the one that people seemed to perk up on the most.  Please try not to be too judgmental.  It’s not perfect.  I could have easily ended that first “I’ve got to find” with “that dang note” (you can see me looking for it on the floor incidentally).  I occasionally use my arm as a metronome and I don’t have that extreme stage presence that makes a great front person, but it’s not about me.  It’s about the song.  Listen to the words and pay attention to the guy playing the guitar…he’s the one who wrote them.  I can only hope he felt that I did them justice.  Please note that all lyrics and music are the exclusive property of Mike Lockey and should not be reproduced in any way, shape, or form without his express permission.