What’s in my iTunes library?

I’ve been to a few photography workshops where the photographers incorporate a “What’s in my camera bag?” into the end of the session. It’s always interesting to see what equipment other people use to shoot. I thought I would take a twist to this and write a post on, “What’s in my iTunes library?” (Quick note – clicking on any of the links in my post will open up that item in the iTunes Store.)

When I first started using iTunes, back in 2006, it was only for music. Honestly, I don’t know if there were other options back then like there are now. The artist that claims the most number of songs in my library is Harry Connick, Jr. Lately, I’ve been listening to a variety of artists that range from Florence + The Machine, Mumford & Sons, Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne.

I don’t watch much TV, so when I want some entertainment, but don’t want to listen to music, I listen to different Podcasts. The podcasts I currently subscribe to include:

Pet Project Podcast – wonderful educational and entertaining podcast that addresses different topics for your pet, hosted by Sarah. This podcast ties in nicely with the Pet Project Blog.

Back to Work – (I’m stealing their description) – a podcast on productivity, communication, work, barriers, constraints, tools and more. Hosted by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin. You’ll be quoting what they say, I promise.

You Look Nice Today – hilarious. HI. LAR. IOUS

NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me – funny weekly NPR current events quiz show, in podcast form

I also found iTunes U about the time I was starting my online Psychology classes earlier this year. My favorite lecture series I listened to was Intimate Relationships out of UCLA. This is a series of Professor Benjamin Karney’s lectures from his class. If you want to know good, psychological insights into what kinds of people make good (and bad) relationship partners, listen to this lecture series. I think I listened to most of the lectures at least twice.

I love to read and actually prefer a hardcopy of a book over an audio book. (And, it goes without saying that I definitely prefer a hardcopy over an e-copy!) I did listen to Good to Great in audio format and really enjoyed it. Jim Collins, the author, read the book, and his passion and enthusiasm is contagious. I highly recommend the audio verion of this book.

Last but not least, as an iPhone and iPad user, I definitely have favorite apps on each of my devices. My most used app on my iPhone is Pandora. I start my day out with some upbeat music instead of caffeine. I also use the Sleep Cycle app, but use it to track my sleep and don’t use the alarm clock function that much. I have to admit that I have a ton of camera apps on my phone: Hipstamatic, Camera +, Slow Shutter, and Fotor, to name a few.

I’ve stopped playing games on my iPhone since I got an iPad. My favorite game for my iPad is Osmos – the graphics on this game on the new iPad are amazing. The music is soothing and all around, an addictive game. I’ve also gotten caught up in Draw Something (there is a free and paid version). And, my mom and I have been battling in Bejeweled Blitz for over three years.

What’s in your iTunes library?­­­