My Virtual Friends

I belong to an online forum.
There…it’s out. I communicate on a fairly regular basis with lots of people most of which whom I have never met in real life (IRL for those of you who are hip to the lingo).
These ladies (and a handful of men) helped plan our wedding, celebrated that wedding, were among the first people to “meet” my son when he was just hours old, and mourned the loss of my mother with me. In turn, I have shared in their equally joyous and devastating moments as well. Those I have had the pleasure to meet IRL have been just as wonderful and kind in person as they were online.
I suppose that, in this day and age, it’s not that strange to have virtual friends. Honestly, how many of you have friends on Facebook that you’ve never met face to face? For a while there though it was quite strange indeed. I’d even go so far as to say that one didn’t mention it in public for a long time. We still have discussions about how best to introduce ourselves to “outsiders” when we do meet IRL. Usually these meetings occur at someone’s wedding so there’s some concern about how to justify inviting someone no one in the family knows or has heard of for that matter. We usually seem to gloss over the “where we met” and focus on “things we have in common”. This tends to work in most cases. Occasionally someone keeps prying, but a change of subject generally cures that.
Why are weddings the place most likely for us to meet? Well, because it’s a wedding planning forum…specifically it’s a private forum for planning Disney weddings & events. That’s why we originally go there, but we stay for the friendships we develop while we’re planning our weddings.
It’s magical & I wouldn’t trade a single one of my virtual friends even though I’ve not been able to visit as often lately. They patiently hold my place and don’t judge me for my absence. One other tidbit of info – I wouldn’t be a resident of the Baraza were it not for one of these virtual friends.
If you’d like to learn more about this community, visit Look around…check out the blog…like us on Facebook…follow us on Pinterest. You’ll be glad you did. Having a Disney wedding is only required to join the forum. The social media connections are there for everyone to enjoy. Who knows…maybe you’ll find yourself inspired to make or renew your vows Disney style. It’s not as “Disney” as you might think.
Do you have virtual friends? Where did you “meet” them? How often to you visit them?