BGT Sandwich

By Carrie Pokrefke

Summertime is my favorite season – mostly for the weather, but summer vegetables rank right up there with the heat! And, you can’t have summer without tomato sandwiches.  I typically eat my tomato sandwich with a piece of bacon and a smear of mayonnaise.  I decided to kick up my sandwiches this year and add something different – guacamole! 

Here’s my recipe for a single BGT sandwich:

BGT Sandwich

          2 pieces of bacon (I used turkey bacon)

          1 tomato

          2 pieces of bread

          Shredded cheese


          Salt & pepper

          Pat of butter

Cook your bacon, preferably in a cast iron skillet, until it is crispy. 

Bacon frying in a cast iron skillet.

In a separate skillet, melt half a pat of butter. Place one of the pieces of bread in the skillet to soak up some of the butter and to brown a little bit, then flip the bread over and let the opposite side of the bread start to brown. Add the cheese.  When the bread is close to browning enough for your taste, begin assembling your sandwich in the pan.  Place the tomatoes on the bread and lightly salt and pepper the tomato.  Add the bacon, then the guacamole. 

Layering the BGT Sandwich!

Add the second piece of bread.  Using a spatula, lift the sandwich out of the pan and place the rest of the butter in the pan to start melting.  Carefully flip the sandwich over onto the melted butter (You will need to hold the top piece of bread as you rotate the sandwich).  Let the bread brown and the guacamole continue to warm.  If needed, you can cover the pan to help keep the heat in the pan to help warm the inside of the sandwich.  When the bread is brown enough for your taste, pull the sandwich off, cut it in half and let it cool.  Then enjoy! 

Ready for consumption!

What’s your favorite summertime food?