From the Baraza: Three Things Every Woman Should Have


I’m going to get a bit philosophical up in here in responding to this month’s group post topic.  I think most women that I know have firm views about the world and their place in it.  I also think that this is largely a function of our fortunate positions as educated, independent, sophisticated, Western women.  Not all of “the sisterhood” is as lucky as us.  My three things that every woman should have reflects my wish for all womenkind in an ideal world:

1. All women should have the right to an education, no matter how basic.  Gandhi is believed to have said “If you educate a man, you educate an individual; if you educate a woman, you educate a family”.  I can’t help but believe that this is true, and many NGOs and charities working in third world nations have taken this saying as the basis of their work with underprivileged women.  The knowledge that education gives women instills us with power.  It is up to us to decide what to do with that power.

2. Independent financial means.  I believe that all women should have access to financial means separate from joint bank accounts with partners/spouses etc – even if it’s just a savings account with a small balance for emergencies.

3.  A sense of humour.  Oh my goodness.  This might be the most important thing for women to have.  It’s a tough, confusing, frustrating, hilarious, ridiculous and wonderful world out there, and it’s great being able to appreciate it properly through use of a good sense of humour.  Nothing better than a good belly laugh at the end of a long day!

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1. Knowledge about cars. Even the most rudimentary knowledge is better than nothing.
2. A library card. Free books! Free videos! Free books on cars!
3. A big black purse. Black goes with everything, retains its classic color status, and the size will
allow a woman to carry everything she needs.


1. A sense of humor.
2. An open mind.
3. Coconut oil.


Three things that every woman should have are confidence, independence, and a sense of self.
Confidence is vital in a woman’s life and that includes confidence in herself and in her decisions.  Too many women lack self-confidence and have self-doubting thoughts, which adversely affects their relationships with other people, including friends, spouses and children.  I think independence is important so that she can support herself and do the things she wants to do.  This helps build confidence and also allows her to define who she is, which is also something that a woman should possess:  a sense of self.  She should figure out her wants, needs, desires, emotions and beliefs and establish who she is as her own unique self.  I believe all three of these things are strongly intertwined and create a positive cycle in a woman’s life – more confidence increases her independence, which helps bring her to a better level of self-awareness, which strengthens her confidence more.  .


1. A free spirit

2. Lavender essential oil

3. A passion for people


1. A voice. Speak, read, write, vote . . . a woman should stand up for herself and her beliefs. Her voice should also be for those who have none or who are too afraid to use it.

2. A support system. Be it family, friends, church, peers . . . someone to lean on that can lean on her. A good bra never hurts either.

3. A pair of shoes that are stylish and functional. For walking through her world, walking away from trouble, and sometimes walking on a man’s back when necessary.