The August Break 2012

Some Baraza readers may be familiar with The August Break, which is run annually by the lovely Susannah Conway.   The basic concept is to take a break from writing posts for a month and, instead, to post a photo every day (with or without words) and “sink” into August.  Of course, August in the northern hemisphere is probably more photogenic than August in the wintery southern hemisphere, but you can only work with what you’ve got.  I’ve signed up to the Flickr group and committed to a photo each day of August.  If you ask me, the timing is perfect because – let’s face it – who has time to write blog posts when there is Olympics watching to be done?*

Let’s recap on some of my August Break efforts so far, shall we?

1.  Yeah, Instagram.  I couldn’t even be bothered getting out my camera for this one.  So the August Break was off to a good start.

2.  You may not be able to tell from this one, but I was actually lying on my hallway floor.  Result: a sudden realisation that my hallway floor was much dustier than I realised and that I probably need to do something about it.

3.  Movida Next Door is a very cool tapas bar close to where I work.  I was not cool enough to get in, so I took a photo of the sign outside.  Yeah, that’s how I roll.

4.  I actually thought I was just taking a shot of the sunset.  Didn’t realise I’d also included all the pretty overhead wires and traffic lights.  Unfortunately, I’m not cluey enough to be able to work out how to edit out those (minor) details.

I’m beginning to think that this brief “State of the Union” review of my August Break so far was a little misguided, as it seems to be highlighting my photographic inadequacies more than anything else.  Oh well.  I guess there’s always the August Break 2013 to which to look forward??

*Said Olympics watching may or may not be interfering with the time available for taking said photos.