It’s a Mystery

By Mitzi Sicking

I’ve always been a fan of mysteries. As of late though, I have been immersing myself in the mystery genre.  In fact, I discovered there are subsets of the mystery category, such as crime mystery, true crime, police drama, cozy mysteries.  I’ve read Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Dashiell Hammett, Ngaio Marsh, Laurie King, Janet Evanovich, MC Beaton, and I’m sure there are others I need to read.  I’ve also watched hours upon hours of British mysteries on Netflix.  I love, love, love BBC’s newest incarnation of Sherlock Holmes.  I also love Inspector Lewis, Miss Marple, and Case Histories.

So why the love for mysteries, you might ask?  Mysteries provide a puzzle to solve and a vicarious thrill of danger. But mainly, it’s an escape. For a few brief hours, everything else drops away and I’m transported to the mean streets of San Francisco with Sam Spade or cozy Saint Mary Meade with Miss Marple.  I read and King’s Mary Russell matches wits with her husband Sherlock Holmes, and Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stalks along London’s fog-filled streets.

These escapes clear my mind of what is present and lets me consider what may be.

Barazers, is there a particular genre of books you read to escape?