Homeowner 102

By Liv White

As I mentioned in my last post, I live by myself in a funny little weatherboard cottage.  The house was built in 1918 and has, I suspect, seen a lot of curious things in its life.  There is no doubt that I have unintentionally added to the randomness of this place’s history, a fact that gives me no small degree of satisfaction.  I love that I have contributed to the life of this house by setting up my life here, it makes it feel like such a rich thing to be the current custodian of this little place.

The majority of the time I love living by myself, and for so many different reasons:

– I’m so over living with (unrelated) housemates.  You get to a certain age when you need your own space in which you don’t need to make compromises or be accountable in the way you do when you’re sharing a house with someone.  If I ever find a “significant other” I could be in serious trouble in this regard!

– I adore that I can (and have) set up this house exactly as I want it to be.  The furniture, paintings, soft furnishings, household gadgets, decorative pieces and books are all located exactly where I want them to be.  The spaces that they occupy are the spaces where they are supposed to reside – because I say so.  While I welcome suggestions about interior design and decor (as I am definitely no expert in this regard), ultimately I get the last say about how things are set up.  I love that.  No, I am not a control freak.  Much.

– I love having friends and family come to visit.  I also love that I determine who comes into my space and who doesn’t.  I don’t have to put up with rude or inconsiderate people, which means that my house remains a space where I feel comfortable and secure – and so do my guests.

– Saturday afternoon naps.  Is this the ultimate luxury of the single homeowner?  There is nothing better than curling up under my quilt on chilly winter afternoons, or in front of the fan for a summer siesta.  I don’t have to worry about anyone else needing to be entertained, or other external commitments – it’s just me getting my snooze on.

– Let’s face it, it’s great being able to do the occasional nudie or semi-nudie run when you’ve forgotten to bring your dressing gown from bedroom to bathroom so that you’re appropriately attired after showering … !

Enough babble.  Time to get my snooze on…