Ginger Pop: Let’s Have A Kiki

By Amber Kelly-Anderson

My musical taste is not a thing most treasured. If you want hip, cutting edge bands who may or may not speak English, Baraza Resident Katie is your girl. Old school country and rock by the likes of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Cream, and Buddy Holly more your bag? Call up my husband. Or . . . do you crank up “Sweet Child O’Mine” and belt “Just Like Jessie James” like a bad idol audition?

Then come sit by me.

There should be some cool points awarded because I listen to Tropocalia, and The Kinks are my favorite band of all time. But those cool points probably don’t balance out the amount of time I have spent listening to Meatloaf and ABBA.

My other great music sin, aside from terrible taste, is that I get fixated on a single song and Listen. To. It. Non-Stop. A ex-roommate once asked me to stop playing a song we both liked because she wanted to like it the morning. (That she later stole my Cher CD indicates her character.)

I present my current obsession by the Scissor Sisters, “Let’s Have a Kiki.” The song has so much I love: a catchy hook, spoken sections, use of a strange slang that is easy to pronounce and also sounds slightly dirty, strategically placed profanity, and a great beat. It doesn’t hurt that Ana Matronic’s personal style is insane.

Don’t know what a Kiki is? Listen and find out (includes adult language). Then text your bestie and make her listen to it. Spend the next 24-hours randomly using the phrase in conversation while playing the song as often as possible. Lock the doors, dance around your living room, and have a Kiki.

So, dear readers, won’t you join me for a comment Kiki?