Smokey Joe’s Cafe: The Songs Of Leiber And Stoller

by Geneva Dummer

It’s a bar, it’s a neighborhood, it’s on stage!  If you’ve not pulled up a chair at Smokey Joe’s, then you have seriously been missing out!!!  The line-up of songs in this musical revue is simply fabulous.  They’re all the songs I remember my parents listening to when they were having fun and that made them fun for me too.  To name a few: Poison Ivy, Kansas City, Little Egypt, Jailhouse Rock, Hound Dog, Young Blood, Yakety Yak, Charlie Brown, and so many more along the same vein.  There are also some beloved ballads: Spanish Harlem, I Who Have Nothing, Love Me/Don’t, Fallin’.  Classics.  Favorites. Oldies, but Goodies.  However you choose to describe them, they’re near and dear to the hearts of many.

This musical revue has been met with mixed reviews throughout its many runs.  People generally love the music, but find it a little strange that there is no spoken dialogue at all.  Each character has a distinct personality which is expressed through the songs they sing and the songs sung to them and, to really enjoy the show, you’ll need to just listen and watch without worrying too much about what you think the story should be.  Watch it unfold before your eyes and ears as you live in the moment with the characters on stage.

I am very much looking forward to performing with the amazing cast our director has chosen.  This is going to be one hell of a ride.

Here’s little snack for you until opening night.

I’ll save you a seat.