The Meeting Place

By Amber Kelly-Anderson

When this communal blog was first conceived, it took almost a week of really terrible brainstorming to come up with The Baraza. Aside from its political and bar associations, Baraza literally means “the meeting place” which was precisely the intention. The goal was to create a cool hang out where minds could meet, express, and explore.

Our initial residents were compiled from a sort of Six Degrees of Separation: She taught Her who pulled in Her Sister, and She got married at the same place as This Girl who knew That Girl. She taught with (and was a trouble maker with) A Sick Cookie Peddler (who also taught Her) and knew This Guy from an adolescent theater group.

(If you can guess who She, Her, Her Sister, This Girl, That Girl, A Sick Cookie Peddler, and This Guy are by name, email us at Get all six and we’ll send you a prize. Residents may not apply!)

We are, however, always looking to expand. So if you would like to be part of our meeting place on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or guest basis, send us an email Tell us what you would be interested in writing about and send us a sample post. Already have a blog? Send us the link so we can see what you’re all about.