Let’s Go to Iceland

By Erin King

Have you ever listened to something so beautiful that you simultaneously choreograph “the” pas de deux in your head? You know, the type of composition that gives you goosebumps, fills your eyes with tears, and makes your heart swell so big that it may explode out of your chest? It knocks the wind out of you and can only be described as epic (I’m talking about the use of the word before it became popular.). Please take nine minutes and fifteen seconds to watch Sigur Rós perform “Ára Bátur” with the London Sinfonietta and The London Oratory School Schola (who have appeared in several soundtracks, including Harry Potter.). This Icelandic band gives us a glimpse, and even transports us, to their majestic homeland through this performance.

Recorded live at Abbey Road Studios. Conducted by D.Bjarnason, engineered by Andy Dudman.

What did you think? What music do you consider epic?