Ginger Pop: Serious Matters

By Amber Kelly-Anderson

If someone were to create a pie graph of conversation topics in my regular life, I’m would venture to guess that the big colorful areas would be split into four major slices: Work, Kids, My Animals, and Inane Pop Culture Conversations and Debates. Sure there would be a few of those little slivers for things like Food, Beauty Tips, Lakers, etc., but those previous four would dominate. It just boggles my mind to think about how much time I spend talking to people–mostly my husband–about fictional people, stories, and worlds. In fact, one of the biggest points of dissent in our marriage is who is the superior television detective, Matlock or Columbo. (To find out my stand, check out Generation Cake.)

But what fun are these conversations unless you suck others in? So I present five of my Pop Culture Debates (these aren’t necessarily favorites, but they do recur quite often, particularly with my husband).

A clear winner . . . Or is he?

1. Who is the superior Patrick Warburton Cartoon Character? Joe Swanson or Brock Samson? Samson seems like the obvious choice, right? Better car, better skills, better dresser–absolutely. But keep in mind that Joe is in a wheelchair and yet remains pretty badass. A more complicated debate than first it appears.


2. Which actresses are actually stupid? Granted, most actresses have a public “persona” that often projects a specific image, ie. Kate Hudson is this free spirit (which I totally don’t buy). But I think there are some actresses that really are dumb. Some of the suspects? Kristin Dunst, Cameron Diaz, Meg Ryan, and Uma Thurman. Possibilities that remain undecided? Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, January Jones, and Drew Barrymore. Penelope Cruz is a total Rubic’s Cube–is she stupid or just foreign? (Her roles in Pedro Almodovar films would indicate the later.) We sometimes talk actors, but that usually turns into Which Actors are Tools.

3. This debate began as an exchange while my spouse and I were watching a documentary on the Star Trek Christie’s Auction. After we listened to Patrick Stewart describe being given a special captain’s uniform that is now “in storage,” I asked, “Do you think Patrick Stewart drinks heavily?”. My husband replied, gravely serious, “I don’t think it started that way, but, yeah, I think he does.” We like to play Guess How Hammered Patrick Was While Recording This when we watch American Dad.

4. The superior Lex Luther: Hackman or Spacey? Also volatile,Superman II, the released version or the Donner cut? There will be blood when this comes up.

Forecast Says Cardboard

5. Why Angela Bassett should have been cast as Storm in the X-Men movies. This isn’t a debate–this is a discussion in total agreement based in verifiable facts that we have every time we see any part of an X-Men movie (or sometimes just see it on the cable menu). How did this not happen? If you have the answer, please email it to us–Mr. Anderson and I would love to know.

Forecast Says Kick Ass









What about you, readers? What pop culture things have a place on your graph?